Meet Our Staff – Nelly

54515684_2105507812850073_2237274908600041472_nPINK is honored to introduce Nelly – the newest member of staff to our team. Nelly is the youngest member of the PINK crew at only 19 years old. Nelly might be young however she makes up for it in maturity, experience and wisdom which comes across way ahead of her 19 years of age. Her energy, attitude, lust for life and work ethic stand out making all of us at PINK proud to welcome her to our family.

Here are few words from Nelly herself:

Hello, my name is Nelly, I consider myself a happy and blessed 19-year old. I was born and raised in Peshtera but currently I live in Sofia where I attend college working towards a Bachelor’s in Arabic studies.

There are some things I cannot live without – sunshine, people, laughter, travel and color. Somehow the PINK Foundation satisfies all these needs as well as giving me purpose and a great sense of fulfillment.

I’ve known Bob, Becky and Beni for many years now (my uncle, Kosio, works for the PINK Foundation and it’s through him we all met). Ever since I first heard of the Foundation and its policy to give all children fair chance in life, I knew I wanted to contribute in some way.

  For a couple of years, I`ve been helping as a volunteer in the summer projects the PINK Foundation held at a school and kindergarten in my hometown. My best friend Vicky and I also volunteered during our high school years and taught PINK kid’s courses in jewelry making and English language.

As for the moment, I am working part time for the PINK Foundation in Sofia and am grateful for this opportunity. Not only do I have fun being around kids, but also get to call the amazing colleagues of mine friends.

Even if I succeed in helping only one child develop his talent, I know that it is going to change his life for the better. This is what matters. To make a difference.

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