Pizzi Gofre Training

57419063_402085750639131_1468782380331302912_nThe PINK foundation is introducing new techniques, and ideas, for clubs which the children can attend during their time at the PINK house, as well as the PINK room in Pernik. The coordinators from Tran and Pernik attended training on a new technique which is going to be utilized in the Art workshops with children at both towns. The technique is called Pizzi Gofre and it is a style in decoupage. Using this technique, children can decorate a bottle or any other surface such as wooden boxes, glass, furniture, mirrors or any other object. The main difference from classic decoupage is that this technique uses lace as opposed to tissues and rice paper. The result is wonderful with the object transformed into something completely unique, antique or ornamental, perfect for a gift or to decorate a space.

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