One Child`s Story – Petar

IMG_1518 (1)Petar is a 12 years old boy from Peshtera who participates in the activities at the PINK room, organized by the PINK foundation. He takes part in the Young Carpenter Club, the Computer Club and the Young Athlete club.

Petar is also a huge football fan with soccer training four times a week in a neighbor village close to Peshtera. The boy often travels with his football team and participates in the matches of the regional championship.

Almost every week Petar has individual meetings that are held usually in the PINK room, but sometimes he and the social worker have meetings outside or do some other activity. Recently, for example, they went to a scrap yard, where scrapped an old metal desk and with the money went for a small treat. On other occasions they just watch movies, have conversations or play table tennis.

The child participates and helps a lot in everything we do in the Pink Room. A few days ago, we bought a new cabinet, and together with other children he took part in the assembling and placement in the room.

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