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57210706_331481360895816_6311192611675701248_nPink foundation has the pleasure of announcing the newest member of our team Teodora Kutupanova. Teodora is a psychologist who works with the children in Pernik.

Below is a short bio from Teodora as an introduction for PINK April newsletter.

Hello! My name is Teodora Kutupanova and I am from Pernik. I graduated with a degree in law with a master’s degree in Psychology. From my two majors I chose the Psychology major as my career path because I felt that this was my true calling, a decision which turned out to be the right one as I take great pleasure from my work. This is my sixth year working as a psychologist at the Center for Special Educational Support, and from this year I will also work at the Pink Foundation. First I heard about the foundation from my son who attended English classes and the Art workshop club at the PINK room.

At the beginning of this school year, Albena Krusheva invited me to join her team, telling me in detail about the children I would work with, and of course I enthusiastically accepted. I was motivated by the idea of helping children who have educational difficulties, difficulties in dealing with their peers or anger issues.

Since joining the sessions, I have noticed that it is common that the children are members of dysfunctional families and often the parents are separated. Each of them copes with this instability in different ways which makes it somewhat more difficult to identify the best course of action. It is also evident that there is little or no support from the parents. The parents being separated, the care of the child falls with one of them, which inevitably leads to the parent having no time to nurture the child being too busy making ends meet. This hinders the emotional development, the parent-child bond is lost leading to emotional problems. The cognitive aspect of the child and these problems get unnoticed or are simply ignored by the parent.

What makes my work with these children extremely enjoyable is the fact that I see positive results. Yes, sometimes things are problematic, even slow, however the outcome is eventually positive- seeing changes in behavior, in feelings and in their thoughts. What drives me is the will to see these kids working together because it is the most important aspect for success. And of course, it makes my work much easier.

I would like to express my gratitude to the Pink Foundation for the opportunity to work together, I am honored to be part of it!

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