One Child`s Story – Valya

IMG_2299Valya is one of the most radiant and smiling children who come to the PINK House. She regularly goes to school and the daycare center . Her favorite subject at school is Art and painting. She lives with her parents and her older sister. Valya`s father works as a logger and her mother has a temporary job.

At the moment Valya is nine years old. She comes to the Pink House twice a week, where she is included in the Art Workshops and the CineMania Clubs and goes to Hip Hop Dance Training. At the art workshop she is doing really well, she is skillful and focused. She is one of the best performing and fast-growing children in the dance group.She loves  to play with the other children.

Valya is very energetic, athletic and wild. Everyone at the PINK house  love her because of her childlike and loving behavior. She loves to have fun with her friends, and has so much energy in her that she can not even use it all in her hip-hop trainings.

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