Photography Tour in Sofia

2_myasto_IMG_0992 1_myasto_IMG_0969The teenagers from the club “Help yourself” (Tran) visited Sofia for one day. The purpose of the visit was to create a “photo tour” in the center of the capital. With the help of 2 Canon 1300 D, donated by the International Women’s Club – Sofia, the participants in the club managed to take pictures 3_myasto_IMG_0948of various culture monuments, churches, graffiti, buildings, local people and many more interesting subjects. The trip and the route were planned by the teenagers themselves. The first task of the group was to prepare a preliminary plan with a budget and a route to include some “must see” specific sites to photograph. Later, the pictures taken by the children were send to Alexander Sandev who is a professional photographer and he got to decide the top 3 shots and top 10. The pictures published above is the winner of the first place.

The walk began and ended at the Court of Justice. One of the most anticipated parts of the tour was the chance to use the metro. The children had to look first for the direction, then use the one-day maps that were purchased in advance and be sure to get off at the right stop! It was one of the most exciting parts of the day. Some of the children had never visited Paradise mall, which was unanimously chosen by the group as a place for lunch. The pictures from the photo tour will be placed in an album that will be kept as a memory in the Pink House in Tran.

View more of the pictures taken from the tour here.

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