One Child`s Story – Nicole


Nicole is a very good and smiling child. She lives in Tran with her family. The girl’s father works as a health mediator and her mother is unemployed. She has two older half brothers who she loves very much.
Currently, Nicole is nine years old and is in third grade. She attends regularly school. Her favorite subjects are Bulgarian language and mathematics. She has no difficulties in school.

Last year the child visited the Pink House where she was included in the Art Workshop and this year she has Individual Work with a social worker. In the summer, she was included in the summer activities of the “Tran Olympic Games” and the VBS. During her visits to the Pink House we observe that she is communicating well with the other children, she is able to work in a team and is strict when doing a task.
During the Tran Olympic Games in the summer she performed very well and won several medals for first and second place in different disciplines. The child comes regularly to the individual meetings at the Pink House. We noticed that she has a tremendous potential in fine arts, and the individual meetings are mainly in this field.

Nicole is a very bright and studious child. She is extremely talented, skillful and athletic. She likes to paint and make things with her hands. When she grows up she is dreaming to start work in the Pink House.

After a month of work together, little Nicole now has her own ready-made canvas with her favorite cartoon characters, painted under the guidance of her mentor. After each painting lesson, the young future artist feels very well and wants to continue to do this.

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