New Teacher for Tsvetan

IMG_5288In the new school year, the PINK program in Tran started individual work with a speech therapist – Milena Aleksieva, who is helping one of our children – Tsvetan. Milena works with the child once a week for two astronomical hours. As a main occupation she is a primary teacher at ‘Geo Milev’ School and has completed her education in this field.

Tsvetan Spasov, at the age of 12, is a very friendly, radiant and smiling child, who, unfortunately, suffers from a double deafness. He lives with his family in the town of Tran. He goes to school and has a resource teacher working with him. The boy has built his own gestures and signs so that he can communicate with others.

Milena Alexieva’s goal is to familiarize the child with the dactyl alphabet, the numbers and perfect the use of his residual hearing. Milena uses various techniques and materials for best results .The child feels good in their classes. He works very hard on every task and tries to show good results. Tsvetan shows progress and is very happy to be working with Milena.

Milena is also pleased with the results Tsvetan has achieved so far. She says he is cheerful, good at heart and trying really hard to achieve and show best results possible.

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