Children Help Assembling Chairs

20181213_123003The children from Primary School “St. Patriarch Evtimiy” in Peshtera, who participate in the PINK Foundation program deserve high praise along with our gratitude for their invaluable assistance.

Until recently all the children participating in the clubs where using old seating donated years before. However, with great fanfare it was time to “retire” this outdated furniture and replace it with new chairs. PINK wants to express its gratitude  to Dimitar Marinov for providing the resources for purchasing the new chairs.

On the day the new chairs arrived they had to be taken up to the PINK Room in the school. Without hesitation the 4th to 7th grade boys rose to the challenge, assembling and arranging the chairs over the next hour. The boys volunteered to do this and missed out on their Art Workshop Club, that said the enthusiasm and excitement made for a rewarding time. Everyone wanted to assemble as many chairs as possible, sharing the few wrenches to tighten a bolt or a screwdriver to fix the fasteners. It goes without saying that in future the students will reflect on their efforts every time they sit on these chairs. It is always more enjoyable to use something if you personally contributed to the creation. That’s what these guys felt and what we believe they will remember it a long time as well as take extra special care when using the seating.

Soon a new cupboard will arrive for the room, and the PINK team sincerely hopes that the children will participate in making the PINK room in Peshtera as cozy and beautiful as possible.

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