New English teacher in Pernik

39C3C100-81EB-4822-BFB7-53408BA9D10ESince the beginning of this school year PINK Pernik has a new volunteer leading the English language club. Her name is Margaret Hall and she is actively participating in the PINK program. Margaret is British, but she has been living and working in the town of Pernik with her husband Bob for years now. A few months ago, Margaret contacted PINK and offered to run the English club in the PINK room, which is a great opportunity for the children because Margaret has been involved with teaching children all her life before moving with her husband to Bulgaria. The kids participating in the club are aged 9 to 13 and have been learning to speak the language and write correctly through interactive and educational games. Also, Margaret helps the kids who have difficulty with their homework. The club is held three times a week for a total of four hours. Margaret does not speak Bulgarian and leads the classes only in English, which is the best way for children to get used to and learn a new language.

In December, all the children participating in the English clubs will have a Christmas party at the ‘River’ Caffe, owned by the Hall family.

PINK wants to express its sincere gratitude to Margaret for joining the program and for her irreplaceable help.


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