New Cooking course in Tran

IMG_5405The newly formed cooking club group in the PINK house at Tran resumed this year on the 5th of November with chef Tsvetanka Zaharieva. She has been involved with the cooking club previously however after one year of absence she has returned as lead chef at the most successful club in Tran. Tsvetanka is professionally trained and qualified as a cook. She is loved by those children who have participated in the club so far. Her training methods and work ethic are extremely valuable in showing the children what they can do. Tsvetanka tutors the children for their professional development as cooks and people who want to pursue a career in the restaurant business. She teaches them everything from cooking, hygiene, maintenance of the work space and everything they need to know about this field of work.

The newly formed group consists of five children, with one of them continuing from last year and four new participants who are starting their two-year education. All of them participate with great joy and interest and try hard to get everything done well.

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