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20181019_125801The new school year also started in the PINK room at the ‘St. Patriarch Evtimii’ School in Peshtera. The clubs for PINK Peshtera this year are the same as last year such as the ‘Art Workshop’ club, ‘Young carpenter’ ‘Young Sportsman’ club, Table tennis and ‘Jewelry making and decoupage’ clubs. The new additions to this year`s activities are the Computer club, ‘Draw with me’ club and the ‘Good heart’ club.

The children have already started making Christmas cards and souvenirs to be sold by them at charity and Christmas bazaars. The money they raise from selling the hand-crafted items, will be used to buy supplies and treats for the end of the year parties, which all the participants in the clubs have.

PINK wishes everyone all the best and a great fun filled time to all the children in the PINK program.

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