New clubs in Pernik and Tran

44650345_294228301301985_7165517256741355520_nThe new school year of 2018/2019, also started in the PINK house and the PINK rooms. The PINK Foundation in Pernik and Tran opened two new clubs – Art Workshop ‘Draw with Me’ and Hip-Hop Dance club.

The idea behind the drawing club is to bring in kids who are not only interested in drawing and painting but also have desire to develop their talent and learn new techniques. The main goal of the club is to acquire knowledge and skills related to fine arts, art therapy, useful filling of the children’s free time, development of their creativity, imagination and finally – entertainment.

During the first session they had a task to draw a picture representing autumn using different materials such as leaves and pastels.

The “Draw with me” club will involve children of all ages who love to draw. Each time there will be a certain theme which the kids will have to follow. This club will be led by Valentina Vasileva, who is an artist. She will teach the children certain techniques that will help them to perfect their skills. This club will be held once a week for two hours. The children painted with passion as they created their first masterpieces.

The other new club in Pernik and in Tran is the Hip-Hop Dance club. The idea behind it is to teach discipline through healthy physical activity and have fun. The goal of the club is to develop the potential of children who can dance. There will be different participation and appearances for the advanced children organized by the PINK Foundation. PINK will be providing the necessary clothing and technical equipment for the events. In Pernik the club is held twice a week and is led by two volunteer girls, who have been training for years. Both have a desire to teach the pupils from the “St.St. Ciryl and Methodius” school. All children from 8 to 16 years old are welcomed to sign up for this club. The Hip-Hop dance club is held twice a week for one hour in the sports hall of the school. In Tran the club is led by Ani Stanimirova, who is the newest member of the PINK team. Besides working for PINK, she also is a founder of the Hip-Hop club ‘Double D Crew’ which gives her a big advantage in teaching dance classes.

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