‘Help yourself’ club

44758239_181736919394524_3271028375166124032_nThe ‘Help yourself’ club started once again this year at the PINK house with 7 children between 13 to 15 years old. The tasks for the children are varied with the goal is to teach them different skills which can be helpful for them in their everyday life. The latest task they had to perform was to promote a questionnaire about eating habits and food in general, going out to collect data from different people on the subject. After this they had to input the data in a program to build statistics. Another task was to get to know the different food groups, make a meal plan including each one of the groups, budget, purchase products and prepare dishes following a recipe.  The ‘Help yourself’ club is very popular among the children so much, so PINK will form one additional group of 7 children of the same age group.


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