Beginning of the new school year

IMG_4733The new school year 2018-2019 started on the 17th of September. In Tran all the students were welcomed back to school with a grand ceremony including a blessing by the priest of the Orthodox Church “St. Nikolay Mirlikiyski ” for the health and success of everyone.

The first-graders were the most excited, they walked through the school entrance for the first time hand in hand with the twelve-graders. Each of them was given a set of new textbooks. The school bell rang for  the first time for 23 first-graders out of a total of 257 pupils. The Mayor of Tran-Tsvetislava Tsvetkova gave a sincere speech wishing all students a successful school year. The Mayor then handed out children’s books to the young children who had come to accompany their older siblings to see them start school

The “Alen Mak” Kindergarten also had a formal opening with a hoisting of the Bulgarian flag. There was also a program, prepared by the children, under the guidance of their teachers  which included poems, singing songs and dancing. According to an old tradition in the “Alen Mak” kindergarten, the children were welcomed with round bread and honey which is used in many rituals and signifies health and success to  the students for the school year.

The PINK foundation also welcomed all the children back from their holidays and prepared new clubs and ideas for all. During the summer holidays the PINK house had a refreshing renovation – the walls were painted and some new furniture bought.

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