Summer Projects 2018

36034237_1761544187261422_5848741607330807808_nAs with every year the summer program of PINK included a group of volunteers from England and America. They had a very good impression on the children who enjoyed spending time with them including a lot of fun.

The first summer project this year took place in Peshtera – from June 23 to June 29 where volunteers from Grace Valley Fellowship Church in Phoenixville USA along with students from St.Patriarh Evtimiy school and the Pink staff spent days in different locations around the town helping the community. The group did most of their work outside, painting fences and benches, cleaning the yard at one of the local orthodox churches (St. Petka), cleaning the yard of one of the town`s professional high schools. The group built picnic tables at a foster house for children deprived of parental care. The children were so happy spending time with their friend’s from the US, playing games and doing crafts. A small group of the volunteers visited daily the “Iglika” kindergarten where they played games, sang English songs, had crafts and painting.

Between July 2 to 6 the traditional Orthodox Christian Week for children from 7 to 13 years old  was held in the community center of Tran. PINK has been the providing for this event materials, equipment and volunteers for 4 years in order to help the local Orthodox church develop a regular activity for the children from the town. Every morning the program included various activities –   Bible lessons, Q&A, skit with the participation of the children, applied arts, games and songs.

In the afternoon there were games for the teenagers held at the stadium such as dodge ball, water balloons, sharks and minnows, red light/green light, catch the bacon, duck duck cow, etc. The goal of this event was to include the teenagers in various events during the summer for making new friendships and fun, to practice their English, and fill their free time in a more effective way.

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