Rockin` English 2018

36503238_1771670109582163_7654057284011556864_nFollowing last year success of the Rockin` English Club, PINK designed a new English program for the summer of 2018 with an African Safari theme. The club started in Sofia in the beginning of June for the children in Petko Slaveikov School. After that the club was held in Pernik, Tran and Peshtera until the end of July. In each of the towns the club was held for a duration of 3 hours over 5 days. Every day the children got to do many different activities with the feel of an African safari. Each day started with a song (most of the songs were from the movie Lion King, and one from The jungle book). The children had to sing along reading the lyrics helping to learn new English words. After the song the teachers taught a lesson that was connected to the song expanding on their vocabulary. Also every day there was a different craft such as: wild animals mask making, DIY binoculars, DIY safari hats and making picture frames. There was also a coloring competition where after a blind vote, the best picture holder won a stuffed toy wild animal. The children got to keep all the items they had created to keep them as memories from the summer. At the end of each club the children with their teachers played different games and practiced the words they had learned during the day. The number of children who participated in all the locations was approximately 60.

The Rockin` English club has proved to be a perfect way for the children to learn English through singing, playing and creating. All the children participating in the club had great fun and enjoyed everything it offered.

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