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IMG_0457Here is the story of Ani, who is the newest addition to the PINK team. She is a beautiful and smart young lady, who despite her young age has been through many hardships and despite that has kept her heart open for everyone. Ani is efficient, responsible, creative and energetic. She will be leading a new club in Tran called “Draw with me”, which will be designed especially for children who have a talent for drawing and painting. She will also be leading the Beauty salon club and also will teach dance classes. The children like to be around her because she is fun, caring and very charming. We believe that Ani will be a great example and influence for the children and their future development.  Here is her story:

My name is Ani Vassileva Stanimirova and I am 23 years old. I was born in Pernik but i`ve been living in Tran for few years now. I have a son named Kotsi.

I graduated from the High School of Economics in Pernik. My father is a retiree, my mother died 13 years ago. When I was very young I was taken from an orphanage by my adoptive parents, who gave everything they have to provide for my future. I’m the only child in the family. In my school years I was involved in painting and dancing classes.

As a little girl I attended painting classes. I have many awards from children’s painting competitions in Bulgaria and abroad. My other love is to dance. One of my dreams came true – to have my own hip-hop dance group. Everything in my life was doing great until one day something happened that turned my life upside down– my partner and the father of my child died in an accident. Since then I have been relying on his parents for support and home.

I was working in a coffee and alcohol shop in Tran, until this year I did not meet people from the Pink Foundation who reached out and took me to work at the PINK house. What attracted me to the work of the foundation is that the work is mainly with children in whom I still see myself a little. My colleagues and employers are great people. I started work at Pink on June 21,2018. The work in the foundation gave me an incentive for life and self-esteem that I had forgotten I had. I thank the team for the opportunity and the support they gave me when they heard my story. I’m happy to be part of this team.

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