Summer sport games

38515447_1831070210308819_8152270346431496192_nThe sports games program was held in  the town stadium (Tran ) and the school yards (Peshtera and Pernik) for 2 hours daily. Some of the games which the children played were races, throwing frisbee, long jumps, tire rolling, long-distance running, sack races, etc . On the last day of the event the children received medals, badges and cups. In Tran the awards were presented by by the mayor of the town Tsvetislava Tsvetkova, who came specially to award the best PINK athletes this year.

The winners cups were given to the best athletes (male and female) and to the best sportsman (male and female). There was also a special award for the children who has showed specific qualities like endurance, strength and discipline.

For the first time there was a very young participant in the games – Kotsi, who is 4 years old and is the son of one of PINK`s workers in Tran.

The PINK team would like to express its gratitude to all the volunteers and helpers in the event for making the Fun Sports Week an even to look forward to every year for the children!

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