The end of the adventure – Bob`s Big Trek

42179536_10217177111636936_6660291517749395456_nThe 18th of September marked the end of Bob`s trek across Bulgaria. For 33 days Bob walked on the ridge of the Balkan Mountain Range or as Bulgarians call it – Stara Planina (Old Mountain). The end of the trek is Cape Emine which is where the mountain falls into the sea and where few of the PINK foundation team went to greet Bob and his wife Becky, who joined him in the final week of the trek.

Cape Emine is a unique and beautiful spot. It is said to be Bulgaria`s stormiest cape. In the middle ages, there was a fortress called Emona, which nowadays carries the name of the nearby village. There is also a lighthouse, which unfortunately is closed for public.

After the team picked Bob and Becky, they headed to the town of Obzor, which is a popular holiday destination during the summer. Because the holiday season had just finished, the town was almost deserted and peaceful. The team organised a carriage ride for the couple across the town, so they don`t have to walk a lot more. After that they all gathered for a well deserved celebratory dinner. The next day the team departed back to Sofia.

Bob went on this adventure to help raise funds and support the PINK foundation and we are extremely grateful for what he has achieved during these 33 days. To walk 650 km, over 20 km per day for a month in sometimes extreme conditions would be a challenge for even the bravest of the people. Continue to reach the highest peaks, Bob, and do good! Evala!

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