Spring Relay

IMG-0158On 17th, 18th and 19th of April, for the first time was held the ‘Spring Relay’ event  organized by the PINK Foundation in Pernik. Four schools – 6th  Secondary School “St. Cyril and Methodius”, 8th Primary School “Krakra Pernishki”, 12th Primary School “Vasil Levski” and primary school “St.Konstantin Kiril Philosopher” took part in the games. Each school consisted of a team of girls, boys, and teachers. The principles  also expressed a desire to compete individually. Every day three games were played and medals were awarded to the teams with the best results, and on the last day the winner also received prize cups. The opening of the games began with a speech by the director of the PINK Foundation – Albena Krusheva followed by the Bulgarian anthem and a traditional ‘horo’ dance performed by the girls from the 6th school that hosted the event.

The games included sprinting, relaying, pushing tires, dribbling (moving a basketball ball by tapping), jumping with sacks, throwing a frizbee on a target, throwing softball, throwing  basketball, etc.

During the Games there were representatives of each of the schools that helped Pink’s team to hold the event. Helpful volunteer teenagers included in the program of PINK in Tran.

The first prize cup was awarded to the 12th school, which managed to collect 18 gold medals.

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