One Child`s Story – Raya

20180307_125613Raya is one of the children participating in the PINK program in the town of Peshtera. She is bright and clever child. Raya is 10 years old and is very serious and independent child for her age.

Raya goes regularly to school and also comes every week to attend the Art workshop club at the Pink Room.

The girls parents were divorced and some time ago her mother passed away. Now she lives with her father and her older sister. Raya`s grandparents live and work in Spain where she spent the entire vacation last summer. She is looking forward to go again next summer and enjoy the sun and the beaches there.

Raya participates in the Art Workshop Club in the PINK room, and every time she is there she shows diligence and creativity. She is always very self-sufficient and seeks “help” only in extreme cases when she can not handle something by herself. She really wants to participate in all the PINK’s summer events, but unfortunately can not because of her trip abroad.

Raya is a child who is very mature for her age, which is due to the difficult circumstances in her life. Every child deserves to grow in a calm environment and just enjoy just being a child, but sometimes life can be quite harsh. Raya believes in everything good in this world and is growing to be a truly nice person.

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