Meet our staff – Kostadin Karamarinov

20170414_114238“My name is Kostadin Karamarinov. I was born and raised in the town of Peshtera 40 years ago.

I am married with two children – a 3.5 year old boy and a 1.5 year old girl. The boy goes to kindergarten, and his sister will soon be going to a nursery.

I love history and in particular the history of Bulgaria and in my spare time I like to read books about it. I also like to travel and collect stamps from “100 National Tourist Sites”, an initiative that aims to explore Bulgaria and its history.

I have been working at the PINK Foundation since it was established in Sofia, and for 3.5 years I have been developing the PINK program in the town of Peshtera.

For me, working with children is challenging and at the same time great joy. They say that with whom you surround yourself with – that`s  who you are and how you feel and I believe it is the truth. Surrounded by children, grown ups also feel younger and have more energy.

By nature, I define myself as a calm person, but lies and injustice can always bring me out of balance.”

Here are few words about Kosio from the director of PINK Albena:

“Kosyo is an extremely honest and dedicated employee. All children love him and want to spend time with him. He manages to combine his sophisticated sense of humor with seriousness so that children are entertained and at the same time learn useful things and respect him as a leader.I like that Kossyo always thinks about the well-being of the children and tries to understand their needs in depth. I have full confidence in Kosio and I know I have entrusted the children of PINK in safe hands.”



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