Club ‘Help Yourself’

IMG-9946 (1)A new club for teenagers “Help yourself” was launched two weeks ago at the PINK house in Tran. The idea behind this club is to assist the children in acquiring the skills to face life challenges through the use of fulfilling games. The main goal of this club is to promote self-confidence and independence in life for children aged between 14 and 18. Some techniques they would achieve this goal is through research, gathering of information, discussions, interviews, and games and taking pictures. The children will accumulate knowledge to help themselves in certain life situations, develop useful habits and approaches such as – orientation, use of programs, event planning, research, creativity, distribute budget, etc.

In the first session they had to make collages (using different magazines) to introduce and present themselves to the others in the group. They also made ice cream Melbas using their favorite flavors and toppings.

The second time the group had to cook specific dishes. They would have to pick certain products  and search for recipes on the internet using thiese products. With the budget assigned for the group they had to buy the grocieries needed and then cook a three course meal. The idea behind this task is to have them manage it all by themselves only having one “ joker” to use i.e. asking the teacher, and only if they could not handle something themselves. The task included everything from picking a recipe, buying the products, cooking and serving, washing the dishes and cleaning up afterwards.

The itinerary of the club is every week for 4 hours of group work (see below)

  • Food and cooking
  • Taking care of the household – grocery shopping, paying the bills, cleaning, decorating, flower planting, etc.
  • Behavior – clothes and appearance, social behavior and contacts, language and gestures, etc.
  • Travel – planning, budget, means of transportation, places to stay, etc.
  • Visit different institutions and places doing interviews and conversations with different people, taking pictures, volunteer work, attending a cultural event, etc.
  • Time allocation – everyday tasks, work, free time, sleep, investments in the future, etc.

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