Wesleyan school in Bulgaria

IMG_20180315_09262824 students and 4 teachers from Atlanta, Georgia visited the St. St. Cyril and Methodius and TEVA schools in the town of Pernik. The volunteers from Wesleyan school were from 16 to 18 years old and together with the Pink Foundation and WorkerBee Tours took part in the school activities. The American group was formally welcomed by the head masters of the schools – Mrs. Oliova and Mr. Harisanov as well as the cheerleaders formation. The group took an active part in the children’s activities for three days, teaching the children English, having sports activities, art workshops and drawing. The group also spent time telling them about their town and its natural and cultural landmarks. They learned how to make martenitsas, to dance Rachenitsa (traditional Bulgarian dance) and color the Bulgarian flag. They also had activities with the youngest students who were very happy with the visit of the Americans. The children taught the people from the American group the Bulgarian alphabet. Weslean School was pleased with their stay in Pernik. They showed their creative skills, drawing on the walls of the school leaving forever a memory of their participation.

A group from the Wesleyan school have visited 3 times and already have made friends among teachers and children in Pernik. They organized a big gathering for everyone, just so they can spend time together, listen to music, learn from each other dance moves and language. The entire PINK team wants to express their gratitude to the group for their visit, their dedication and the materials they brought to be used for the children’s activities during the year.

Wesleyan school is a private christian school that aims to combine in the best possible way the good academic education with faith.


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