One Child`s Story – Niki and Krum

26755462_1630379100382626_710607961_nNikolay and Krum are two very entertaining and energetic teenagers. They attend regularly school. Their families are doing well. The fathers of the two boys are working together and are woodcutters and their mothers work for a temporary employment program.

At the moment Niko and Krum are fourteen years old. Krum visits the Pink House twice a week, where he participates and assists in the Young Carpenter Club and the Teenage club called “Help yourself”. Niko, on the other hand, visits the Pink House once a week, where he is included in the Teenage club “Help yourself”. This summer, Niko and Krum joined the Tran Olympic games and the Vacation Bible Week events as volunteers, both of which were organized by the Pink Foundation and with the participation of volunteers from California.

Since both boys started visiting the Pink House, we have noticed that they have a desire to develop their future. They are always willing to volunteer in the events we organize.

Niko and Krum are very good and responsible young people. They are very talented and hard working. In their spare time, Krum likes to ride a bicycle to Niko likes to dance.

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