Meet our staff – Liliana Asenova


Lily is the first employee of the PINK Foundation. She is from Tran and loves children very much. Even before the creation of the Foundation Lily took part in events organized by volunteers who launched PINK at the end of 2012. She participated in the cleaning and repair of the PINK House together with her daughter and to this day remains true to the cause of PINK.

There are few words from Lily introducing herself:

“My name is Lilyana Asenova and I am 46 years old. I was born in the town of Pernik but I grew up and live in Tran.  I am married and have two children – a 16 year old daughter and a 9 year old son. In my spare time, I just love being home with my family.

For 4 years I have been working as a social worker at the PINK Foundation. I am happy to be part of an organisation that offers services from which every child can develop their potential, discover their talents and prepare them for future life.

From myself, I think I am good and dedicated to all the children who come to the PINK house in Tran. I feel happy with my work with the kids because they are providing me with very positive energy. The clubs I am leading are very entertaining and interesting to me and the children, but my favorite club is the “Art Workshop” because we make different, interesting things and develop the children`s creativity.”

Few words from Albena about Liliana:

“I remember when I met Lily for the first time at the public support center in Tran. She was a social worker employed temporarily for one year. I was impressed by her meekness and dedication to work. When her contract at the public support center terminated, I told her: “Lily, we will soon buy a house in Tran and take you to work for PINK.” And she was very patient because it took us 2 years to find the right place and to repair it. For me it was clear from the beginning that she was the right person for our work. She would bring both her children at all the events organized by the foundation and would  sincerely have fun playing games and taking part in all the activities. Lily accepts children regardless of their ethnicity and social status, so everyone respects and loves her. She is a wonderful woman and an employee who one can count on. “

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