First National Meeting of Social Services Managers

29389214_10215703867726759_3662078520080783884_nOn the 19th of March was held the First national meeting of Social Services Managers at the Municipal Cultural Institute – Krasno Selo, Sofia with the participation of Rositsa Dimitrova, Deputy Minister of Labor and Social Policy, Rumyana Petkova – Executive Director of the Agency for Social Assistance and Albena Atanasova – Deputy Mayor of Sofia Municipality.

The main goal of this meeting was to launch public awareness of the professional work of social professionals, a wider celebration of the World Social Work Day (March 20th) and exchange of contacts and experience among social workers. The meeting was attended by more than 100 heads of social services from across the country, including the head of the PINK Foundation. The forum provides a very good opportunity to debate important questions and comments from social service managers.

All attendees united around the need for more investment in the name of human capital. It is considered necessary to increase the wage and the social prestige and authority of the social worker, the continuous professional qualification and opportunities of the social worker for their own growth in the workplace.

The topics discussed during the event were:

  1. Challenges and vision for the development of social services in Bulgaria
  2. Social Services – Reality and Responsibilities
  3. Specific issues and problems in the field of social work

The forum was organized by the National Alliance for Social Responsibility and Sofia Municipality, with the participation of the Ministry of Labor and Social Policy and the Agency for Social Assistance.

By 2021 it is envisioned that there will be 100 new social services for people with disabilities and adults who cannot take care of themselves. At the same time, institutions for people with mental disorders and homes for children deprived of parental care will be closed. At the same time foster care services for children are increased and also the prevention of abandonment of children in orphanages.

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