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IWC_LogoFor yet another year the International Women`s club (IWC) Sofia approved a project and will donate 12 000 BGN for the PINK program. The name of the project is ‘Materials and equipment for training, clubs  and educational events, conducted by the PINK Foundation in the towns of Trаn, Peshtera and Pernik’. The funds are going to be used for supplies, professional cameras, photo printer, PC`s, new chairs, tables and desks.  The materials and equipment are extremely important in order for us to continue our work in the best possible way.

PINK would like to express their gratitude to the entire executive board of IWC for sponsoring various projects of PINK for the sixth consecutive year. This is the seventh approved project and it is with the biggest value so far. Despite the larger amount of applicants this year, PINK won the approval for yet another year.

The project will be conducted in the regions of Trаn, Pernik and Peshtera where there are centers of the PINK Foundation – “The Pink House” in Tran and “The Pink Rooms” in Peshtera and Pernik. In addition to areas related to the Foundation’s summer events, such as stadiums, cultural halls, schools, etc.  For the successful implementation of the project, materials and equipment are needed all year round, which together with human resources are a major factor driving the entire activity of PINK.

The increase in the number of children involved in the PINK activities, innovation, technology advancement and general wear and tear of existing equipment entails setting new costs and finding effective ways to cover them.  In order to further develop the program for children in the areas listed above.

Special thanks from the director of PINK Albena Krusheva:

“I am extremely grateful to the IWC for taking care of the PINK foundation and trust they show to our team and the program. Every year they finance our projects and support us with advice, friendship and encouragement. I get caught up on their persistance, activity and positivity that help them to make miracles for Bulgarian children and other NGO`s. ”

Albena Krusheva

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