PINK at Balkanica Expo

27534975_10215198055281764_1459719751_oFor the second consecutive year PINK was invited to take part in the biggest wedding expo in Bulgaria – Balkanica. It took place at the Sofia Hotel Balkan, over the weekend 20.01 and 21.01.2018. Sixty five different companies specializing in, decoration, cake making, wedding fashion, honeymoon and tourism, etc. presented their products. The event was staged in two exhibition halls of the hotel. PINK was the only NPO invited to participate in this important event. This year was significant being the 10th anniversary of Balkanica Expo, at the close of the first day the participants and organizers celebrated together with a cake to mark the occasion.  The exhibition was visited by over 5000 people this year, which is a significant turnout for those companies present.

As mentioned earlier PINK was provided with a stall in one of the halls. Among the items present on the were wedding invitations, gifts and jewelry hand-made by the children from the PINK program. We are grateful that PINK had the opportunity of the exposure and are extremely happy for the interest shown in its activities. Our team would like to express special thanks to Aneta Penni, a good friend to PINK who organized the event, and for making us part of it. Her assistance and support of the charity is a great help and goes a long way towards highlighting its cause.

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