One Child`s story – Nelina

nelina (2)Nelina is one of the youngest children in the PINK program and one of 8 children in her family. She goes to kindergarten and visits the PINK house for individual meetings with a worker from the PINK team and attends the socializing classes with the other children from her age group. Four of her siblings are also part of the PINK program and attend clubs and courses at the PINK house in Tran. Nelina lives with her parents. Her mother is unemployed at the moment as she is on maternity leave, and her father works as a tractor driver. Their family is the biggest in the community of the town. They live in a house where in the yard they have a barn and look after different animals.

Nelina is a small child for her age, which makes her look fragile and tender. She is communicative, plays with the other kids and is not shy. She has a beautiful and contagious smile, good heart and kind attitude for everyone around her. Neli loves to play with dolls and stuffed animals.

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