Activities with PINK in January

535188_941662892582893_5685697179624768370_nAs with every month the activities in Peshtera, Pernik and Tran continue. The children participate in all clubs such as the Art workshop, jewelry making, carpentry, cooking, sports, etc. For one week in Peshtera the classes where not active and schools closed because of the flu epidemic. Everything is back on track now with the classes resumed. The children from the Art workshop have started preparing handmade cards for Valentine`s day. PINK already have a order taken for 100 Valentine`s cards and take orders from anyone interested.

In addition from the 2nd of February the Fashion design club will resume its classes. Eight girls between 14 and 18 will participate in this club. The club`s goal is to teach the girls how to define their own unique style, to combine colors and to use their creativity to design their own t-shirts, jeans, purses and other design techniques.

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