One Child`s Story – Antonia and Veroslav

IMG_0548Veroslav and Antonia are a brother and sister participating in the PINK program. They are smart and energetic children who live with their parents in the town of Tran.

At the moment, Veroslav is nine years old and Antonia is at ten years of age. They visit the Pink House twice a week, where they are included in the “Cinemania” club and the “Art Workshop” club.

This summer, Antonia and Veroslav joined the ‘Tran Olympic games’ and the ‘Christian Bible week’ events organized by the Pink Foundation with volunteers from California.

The brother and sister are very good and responsible children. They help their mother at home and are using their talents for the workshops organized in the PINK house.  During her free time Antonia likes to play with make up, do hairstyles and play with friends. Her brother Veroslav likes to play soccer with friends.

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