Christmas parties for the children at PINK

IMG_20171219_104235Such as every year, PINK organised Christmas parties for the children from Peshtera, Pernik and Tran. The parties were separated in groups for the younger and older children. The children enjoyed treats and drinks and received the traditional Christmas presents. They played fun games and participated in a raffle.

There were few new things that happened this year. One of them is that the children in Peshtera raised the money for their party treats by themselves. They participated in the making of Christmas souvenirs which they sold afterwards in a local supermarket. The PINK foundation wants to express its gratitude to the owner of ‘Lazur’ supermarkets – Kostadin Lazarov, who allowed holding a charity sale in one of his supermarkets.

The children in Tran were surprised by a special guest – father Christmas, who gave presents to everyone. The kids were very happy by this unexpected visit and really enjoyed themselves.

PINK also wants to express gratitude to everyone who donated presents for the children or provided us with resources to buy them.

For the first time PINK organized a small party for few of the children`s mothers at the PINK house in Tran. Albena and the coordinators for Tran – Iva and Lili, gathered them for a treat and soft drinks. They played games and talked about future plans.

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