One Child`s Story – Kalin

Калин - ТрънKalin is a positive and energetic child. His family is doing well with his father working part time as a construction worker and the rest of the time working at the PINK house in Tran as the maintenance man for the house. Kalin`s mother works as a sales woman in a grocery store.

Kalin is 6 years old now and goes to preschool. Twice a week he goes to the PINK house where he is part of the social club.

Kalin is a very artistic and joyful child. He is always smiling and happy. Kalin always pays attention to detail and this is why one of his favorite activities is playing with the building constructor (like Lego). In the summer he loves to play outside and swim in the inflatable pool in his yard.


Калин - Трън ... Калин - Трън.. Калин - Трън.

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