English Classes for the children in Tran

IMG_7329A few weeks back the English classes started for the children in Tran. Up till now the classes were only for the older children but from next week the younger kids will join the groups. The children have a new teacher – Maria Chonkova, who is also working for PINK at their office in Sofia. Every Friday Maria and Albena travel to Tran to conduct the lessons and spend time with the children. There are between five and eight children attending the class.

The first planned lesson almost didn`t happen. It was Friday the 13th, and on the way to Tran, about 15 min before the beginning of the scheduled class, the car suffered a flat tire! Fortunately, someone stopped and kindly offered to take Maria on to Tran. Maria was just in time at the PINK house where the children were waiting expectantly.  Albena stayed with the car and was fortunate she had someone to call who came to the rescue, got the car mobile almost immediately. Despite the bad luck with the tire, everything worked out well in the end – Maria had the lesson, Albena changed the old tires and both arrived back home to Sofia safe and sound.

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