Cooking course 2017-2018

DSCF2410PINK once again begun the youth cooking course for the 4th consecutive year, Eight participants are attending the course, all between 16 and 18 years old. The club is held once each week for 4 hours. On the first day of the lessons, the children met their new chef, and teacher, Ikonia Stoichkova. So far they have learned how to prepare Bulgarian Giuvech, cold Tarator soup and а Bulgarian traditional dessert made from of semolina and butter. The children did exceptionally well and were very happy learning how to prepare these new dishes.

Below you can see more pictures from this lesson.



DSCF2411 DSCF2413 DSCF2415 DSCF2427 DSCF2430 DSCF2434 DSCF2436 DSCF2447 DSCF2485

DSCF2429 DSCF2468

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