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IMG_20160316_171250130 (1)For the third year in a row the ST. John church in Locks Heath, England, has sponsored PINK foundation activities. The first year they sent a group of volunteers to help with the courses and clubs organized by PINK. St Johns Church also donated money to support the cooking course in the PINK house based in Tran. The volunteers were leading this course for a week, where they taught the participants how to prepare traditional British Easter meals. The church were also able to provide a generous donation for the work of PINK, in addition to costs to support the program, which went towards establishing programs in Peshtera, particularly providing funds to set up and purchase equipment for the Young Carpenter Club. Earlier this year a team from the church provided an opportunity for people to raise further funds for our cause. The entire month of February was devoted to collecting funds for PINK. The church has about 300 members. On March 3rd, was the final day for raising money with a traditional lunch that Carolynne Pyne has prepared together with 6 volunteers, some of whom were on the trip to Bulgaria – Phil and Anne. They have prepared traditional Bulgarian dishes such as banitsa and shopska salad and for desert yogurt with walnuts and honey and a ‘baklava’. They also showed pictures from their trip and a promotional video of one of PINK`s children who successfully accomplished the cooking course and now has a job as a sous chef in a big restaurant. At the event there was also a sale with different items, clothes and cakes as well as raffles, all for collecting money for the cause of PINK. 50 people in total attended the event. During the fundraising lunch, as well as individual donations, a total of £600 (approx. 1400 lv) was raised and forwarded to PINK.

From the 15 to the 19th of May, 2017, the director of PINK Albena will have the opportunity to express her gratitude personally at the church in England where she will speak about future projects of the foundation. The pink team would like to cordially thank the ST. John`s church for their contributions, support and last but not least the many volunteers for their tireless effort supporting PINK and its mission. Finally PINK foundation would like to give a special shout out to those Church members who came to Bulgaria to support “on the ground” the activities and work directly with the children.

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