Glass Painting in Tran

glass-paintingIn April 2016, the PINK House hosted for the second time a glass painting workshop for the children in Tran. The course is very popular among the kids. This is where they get to express themselves through art and painting, and develop their creativity and send of beauty.

The first glass painting course happened at the end of 2015 with the idea for the children to create candle holders to be sold at the PINK Foundation Christmas Bazaar. They were so poplar that all of them were sold and this motivated us to hold the workshop on a regular basis throughout the year.

During the last workshop, in addition to candle holders the children decorated beautiful vases, drinking glasses, and bowls which they were able to keep for themselves or give as presents to friends and loved ones of their own. The detailed designs show how careful and diligent the children were while painting, and illustrate how much effort they put into the work. The course was led by Svetla Ilieva, a professional in this area who serves the PINK Foundation as a volunteer to lead this course. We are glad she has chosen to invest in the work of the PINK House and encourage children in their journey of creativity and beauty.

The PINK House will continue to host the glass painting workshop and we hope to bring even more children to it.

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