Young Carpenters Program Launch


Peshtera, Bulgaria 16 March 2016 — The PINK Foundation, in partnership with the Vasil Levski Professional High School, launched Young Carpenters here today. Young Carpenters is an after school woodworking program for boys and girls ages 11-18. Participants learn basic woodworking skills in a friendly, safe environment, and when they complete a project they get to keep the items they have made. The partnership between PINK and the Vasil Levski High School includes design and production of woodworking kits, training in product development and product marketing, technical skills development, event planning and teambuilding.

“Woodworking is a useful, fun, and interesting activity for children of all ages,” explained Albena Krusheva, Executive Director of the PINK Foundation. “We are excited about adding this educational program to the selection of after school activities available to participants in the PINK Program in Peshtera and around Bulgaria.” The first Young Carpenter clubs begin meeting this month in Peshtera, Pernik and Tran.

“It isn’t easy to find educational activities that can sustain student interest over time.” added Kostandin Karamarinov, local coordinator of the PINK Program. “Young Carpenters is an important addition to the PINK program because it encourages creativity and provides variety for students each month. In addition to learning new skills, students have the opportunity to express themselves and earn the fruit of their labors.”

Petko Tokmakov, Director of the Vasil Levski Professional High School, explained, “This joint initiative between our school and the PINK Foundation is useful for everyone involved. Younger children participating in the foundation activities will learn how to use hand tools to construct different objects, and our students, who are working towards their high school diplomas, gain confirmation of their skills and experience in working a commercial project from beginning to end as they complete the mass production of the woodworking kits for use in the PINK Program.”

“Young Carpenters is a multi-faceted initiative enhancing the educational process for high school students, providing opportunities for younger children, and enriching the life of the community. It is a prime example of how the PINK Foundation works together with local resources to develop tools for life transformation in Bulgarian society.” added Bob Faber, founder of the PINK Foundation and Managing Director of Welcome to Bulgaria. “We look forward to a long and productive partnership with the Vasil Levski Professional High School.”

The Young Carpenters Program has been made possible by generous financial support from the International Womens Club – Sofia, Salt Ventures Bulgaria, and Welcome to Bulgaria EOOD.

Young Carpenters is an element of the PINK Program, which works in five core disciplines: socialization, education, health and hygiene, community service and job skills/life skills. Each child in the program is assigned an individual mentor and enrolled in a selection of activities according to their age and interests.

The PINK Program is a privately funded initiative of the PINK Foundation, a public non-profit foundation registered in Sofia, Bulgaria. Welcome to Bulgaria EOOD is the leading destination services company in Bulgaria, serving companies, foundations and individuals since 2004.

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