PINK Peshtera Grand Opening

The PINK Foundation launched the  Program at the Patriarch Evtimii Basic School here today. The PINK Program, a life transformation program for children ages 3-18, is designed to help every child achieve a happy, healthy and productive life. The program combines regular courses, individual mentoring, and special activities to encourage children and families in local communities.

Introduction to the PINK Foundation

“Today’s announcement is the culmination of a two year exploration into what kinds of programs might be useful in Peshtera,” explained Albena Krusheva, Executive Director of the PINK Foundation. “During the last two years, we have organized community service projects at the Patriarch Evtimii School and introduced some of our group activities for children as a demonstration of what we can do, and have received a warm welcome and strong cooperation from teachers, staff and parents.”

Elena Atsinova, Director of the Patriarch Evtimii School, added, “We are impressed by the way the PINK Foundation volunteers engage our children and develop activities for them, and are happy to take our partnership with the PINK Foundation to the next level. The formal introduction of the PINK Program in our school provides a wonderful opportunity for children to learn and grow together.”

PINK Program Activities in Peshtera

The PINK Program works in five core disciplines: socialization, education, health and hygiene, community service and job skills/life skills. Each child in the program is assigned an individual mentor and enrolled in a selection of activities according to their age and interests.

“At the beginning of the school year, we performed a survey to find out what kinds of activities would be attractive to children here,” said Kostadin Karamarinov, coordinator of the PINK Foundation activities in Peshtera. “We developed the current schedule on the basis of what they told us.” Activities in for the 2015/16 academic year include Woodworking, Rockin’ English, Art Workshop for Girls, Jewelry Making for Fun and Profit, Table Tennis and Sports.

In addition to these courses, the PINK Program will include at least one community service project and a community sports activity in 2016.

PINK Peshtera is Part of a Larger Network

“Peshtera marks the third municipality for the PINK Program, joining Tran and Pernik as active locations in Bulgaria,” added Bob Faber, founder of the PINK Foundation and Managing Director of Welcome to Bulgaria. “We are excited to offer new learning opportunities to the children of Peshtera.”

The PINK Program is a privately funded initiative of the PINK Foundation, a public non-profit foundation registered in Sofia, Bulgaria. Welcome to Bulgaria EOOD is the leading destination services company in Bulgaria, serving companies, foundations and individuals since 2004.

See images of the PINK Program in Peshtera:

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